The time is right for us to add a blog to our other information offerings: website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We love connecting with you through each of those forums. A blog will offer us a chance to go deeper into topics and convey thoughts, feelings and stories with you. We love that so many people from every corner of the earth have been sharing this journey with us.

We are about to embark on a new phase in our journey: it’s almost time to install our first public pilot installation. Our Indiegogo campaign in 2014 left us amazed and overflowing with gratitude. We broke the record on Indiegogo for the most donors: over 48,000 from 165 different countries. We took a solemn vow to use the money wisely and fulfill our campaign promises. We bought a building, equipment, hired employees and worked diligently to improve our product and become ready for public installations.

We worried that we might lose support during this time when we have pulled inward to focus on engineering. We stopped accepting most press invitations and so had far fewer exciting articles to post or news to share. Most of you patiently accepted this part of the journey and sent us notes of encouragement, both public and private. If you ever wonder if that matters… it does. It’s helped keep us energized as we’ve worked on through exhaustion.

Now it’s time for us to move back out into the world and show you what you’ve helped us to accomplish. Our first public installation will be in our hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho at the end of September of 2016 at Jeff Jones Square. The prep work is done there, and we are working with the City of Sandpoint to coordinate the best date for the ribbon cutting ceremony – we’ll have that for you shortly. We’re overjoyed that so many of you tell us you are planning to come and see it with your own eyes! We’ll no doubt see many of you at Jeff Jones Square. If not, we hope you’ll stop by our headquarters so we can meet and thank you in person.

We feel like we are about to crawl out of a chrysalis, just like the butterfly who emerges shakily unsure of her wings. We’re anticipating some unforeseen glitches as we begin our first “real world” testing. Engineering lives by Murphy’s Law! But it’s good – we need to know everything that needs perfecting as we take further steps toward that ultimate of goals: the fast line of a highway.

We’ll continue to post on social media, our website, and here. We’ll be blogging separately as well as together. Other bloggers will be employees, volunteers, and guest bloggers. We’ve got a long list of topics we want to talk with you about, so follow along with us as we go.

Thanks for sharing the journey,

Scott and Julie Brusaw

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