Want to Help?

We are so thankful for the supporters who have heard about Solar Roadways’ vision and decided to share this journey with us. We are dedicated to putting all of our energy into bringing Solar Roadways to the world on a grand scale and to make it a greener and safer place for everyone. A big challenge for a small start-up, we know! It’s a solemn commitment and we would not have reached this point without the grass roots movement that has grown up around Solar Roadways®. There are so many ways that people help us on our way. They:

  • Email encouraging messages, challenging questions, and offers to help.
  • Stop by to say hello at our Headquarters in Sandpoint, Idaho.
  • Help us grow our social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Donate to help move the project past this scary early phase of development, where so many companies fall into the abyss.
  • Spread the word about SR online and by telling people about it to help us reach the tipping point of public acceptance.
  • Use SR perks to show their support. They put SR bumper stickers on their car, wear Solar Freakin’ Roadways t-shirts, and take SR shopping bags to the grocery store.
  • Students (from elementary school through PhD dissertations) write reports and do projects using Solar Roadway as their topics.
  • Teachers show the Solar Freakin’ Roadways video to classes and use the concept in their lectures to help bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to life!
  • Groups invite SR to give presentations.
  • Companies offer to consult and help us improve our product.
  • The government awards SR with contracts to further our research (USDOT 3 awards).
  • Media (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and film) covers SR and showcases the progress.
  • Celebrities share about SR, which brings awareness to thousands more and really helps us toward our tipping point.

Ways to Spread the Word

In order for Solar Roadways® to be implemented on a large scale (i.e. highways) public acceptance will be needed. The first step is to make sure people are aware of the project. Our first Indiegogo Campaign and Solar Freakin’ Roadways video reached millions of people. But we estimate that we are still a long way from our tipping point. Our goal is to reach the point where a majority of people on earth are aware that an option exists which can help to solve problems in so many areas at once, i.e. infrastructure, environment, smart grid, job creation, national security…. People have to know about this option in order to choose to support projects at community, state and federal levels.




SR supporters are a big part of our team. Before we started our first Indiegogo campaign, we had only a few thousand followers on our Facebook fan site. Now that has grown to over 86,000. It happened because of the dedicated supporters who helped us to grow the site. Facebook has become our “fan base”. We post all of our news there and it’s a great place to “meet” other SR supporters and join in the conversation. We’d love to grow our Facebook page to over 100,000 over the next few months. Many people have asked us for specific things they can do that would make a difference on Facebook and have asked for tips to make sure they are understanding the protocols. Here are some specific things that really help:

*For even more tips about Facebook, read more here

Julie runs our Facebook page and replies personally to comments. Many longtime supporters understand the concepts of Solar Roadways® so well that they jump in to answer the questions of newcomers before we get to it – we love that!

We are trying to grow our Twitter page as well. We will add Instagram and Pinterest buttons to this site as soon as we’ve had time to develop a presence there.

Government Officials

Many supporters let their community and government officials know that they support Solar Roadways®. They say that they want to see it funded by government programs and want to see projects implemented in their area. If you’re interested, you can find contact information for your representatives here.

The election season is now over. Many of you reached out to the candidates of your choice and we retweeted many of you. Now we have a new president elect and we hope he will find many things to love about Solar Roadways such as:

  • Modernize our infrastructure with modular panels with a return on investment
  • Enhance national security and reduce our electrical grid’s vulnerability to terrorism (via SR’s decentralized nature)
  • Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, thereby helping reduce the threat of climate change
  • Provide green tech American jobs on a large scale
  • Facilitate our transition to EVs by charging them on clean sunshine first on solar parking lots and driveways and eventually while they drive on Solar Roadways
  • Facilitate the transition to autonomous vehicles via SR “smart” technology in roads
  • Help protect our nation’s waterways from polluted stormwater
  • Enhance safety for drivers and pedestrians with LED lit panels
  • Produce clean energy on a grand scale
  • Keep our walking and driving surfaces snow/ice free
  • Protect wildlife from being hit by cars on our nation’s roads
  • Enhance the beauty of American landscapes by giving overhead wires and cables a new “home” in our Cable Corridors

Promotional Perks

Many of our perks have been designed to promote SR and help us reach that previously described tipping point: bumper stickers, t-shirts, and bracelets can all proclaim your support for Solar Roadways® and encourage people to ask you about it. Items that involve sizing are offered on our SR Gear page here.

Perks with no sizing options are available on our Indiegogo InDemand page


Solar Roadways® has received over $2,265,000 in donations through our first and current Indiegogo campaigns! It’s a solemn responsibility for us to be good stewards of those funds. We have honored our campaign promises to use the money to create a manufacturing facility, buy and build the needed equipment, hire employees, and start producing panels That funding got us far, but there are still many things that could help us grow more quickly – especially more equipment and more employees. We will soon be ready to sell our panels, but until then our USDOT award and donations is what keeps us moving forward. Some of the equipment we need in order to handle all production in house is still out of our reach. Our goal is to raise the money to become self-sufficient. We’ve already brought down costs with the changes we made between SR2 and SR3. More equipment in house could help bring costs down further. There are 3 ways to donate:

  1. Our current InDemand Indiegogo Campaign: InDemand campaigns are invitation only campaigns which Indiegogo offers to former successful campaigners with a need for perpetual funding. It has no specific goal or endpoint, but allows people who want to continue to donate to a campaign to still have the opportunity to receive a perks of their choice. Click hereto go to the Solar Roadways® Indiegogo Campaign
  2. SR Gear: This is a page on this new website where you can buy apparel and anything else that entails sizes. Indiegogo does not allow donors to select sizes when they donate. We offered t-shirts during our first campaign. It was extremely time consuming to try to reach each donor to collect the missing information. When we opened our new InDemand campaign we had to eliminate all perks with sizes. But many people tell us they would still like shirts, so we’ve opened our new SR Gear page. Our first offerings all showcase our brand new SR logo. Since for right now we are using Square, unfortunately we can only ship within the U.S. Click here for SR Gear
  3. Donate without receiving a perk: Many people tell us to “skip the perk” as they want 100% of their money to support Solar Roadways®. You can donate in this way here: We are so grateful to those who share in our vision! Thank you for being part of the SR team.



Solar Roadways® is still a privately owned company and we hope to stay that way. With the help of supporters all around the world, we’ve been able to make it thus far without an investor. We have maintained control of our company to make sure we can reach our goals, without compromising our values. We want to create jobs, build the economy, protect the environment – move forward in a responsible manner. We are humbled to have so many people believe in our vision and help us make Solar Roadways® a reality!