We have now completed the installation of our new SR4 panels at our pilot site in
Sandpoint, Idaho.

This time we installed with a brand new base system made of recycled rubber. Other
changes from SR3 to SR4 include: new more efficient (23.7% – up from 17.6%) solar
cells, new glass with an anti-glare pedestrian texture, new LED lights, and a new
heating system.

We’ll watch the panels for a bit to make sure all is well with the goal of beginning to
accept purchase orders soon. We never take for granted the blessing of having interest
from all over the before making our product available. We are now working on panels
for the final pilot project in Baltimore, and we’ll soon decide which projects to pursue for
2020 installations.

To be personally notified as panels become available:


We will need many more Manufacturing Partners and Distributors to keep up with

demand: ManufacturingPartners@SolarRoadways.com


One Thought on “SR4 is Here”

  • I’ll say what I just posted on FB…I am utterly enamoured of glass roadways. They are the one thing I’d like to see applied before I die! I think it they will change our world as.much as the interwebs!

    I have a stupid question. Are the units self powered? Would they work after an EMF event or worse? LOL I’m a real Sci fi idiot even at 64!

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