We have been blessed to have received so many wonderful awards, nominations and honors starting so early in our development.


Here are some of our favorites in reverse chronological order:


March 2020: We were so honored to have Solar Roadways featured on the cover of the professional journal Technologies for an article about our successful test results as part of our third USDOT contract.

February 2019: A group of ACC (Airport Consultants Council) Young Professionals who had reached out to us, entered a Young Professionals competition in Denver at the Airport Planning Design & Construction Symposium. Their presentation, “‘Solar Powered & Intelligent Pavement’ won first place!
Solar Powered Á Intelligent Pavement

Aviation b Aviation c Aviation d

2018 Solar Roadways was chosen as one of 25 semi-finalists in the Postcard Lottery Green Challenge:
The Green Challenge Nominees of 2018

MoMadness Champions
2018 Solar Roadways becomes the 1st Annual Innovation Nation MoMadness Champion! Thank you so much to all of our supporters who voted us all of the way through.
The TV show Innovation Nation chose Solar Roadways as one of sixteen Innovators from the first four years of their show for their Mo Madness bracket-style tournament. Solar Roadies the world over voted Solar Roadways to the top and on to become the champions, which continues to show that the world is ready for Solar Roadways and the vision to make the world a greener and safer place. That is important for us as we work to move the project forward. Thank you so much for all of your support!

On our Video page, you can see the episode we filmed for Innovation Nation and a new video they just made for us for the competition (featured video at the top of the page): Solar Roadways Videos

2017 Glass Magazine awarded Solar Roadways: Most Innovative Glass Floor, Stair or Rail Project for our Sandpoint, Idaho pilot installation. We are excited to be featured in their September 2017 magazine.
Glass Magazine – September 2017

2017 Solar Roadways was filmed for a French Documentary, not yet released.
Photo of Jeff Jones Square. Photo of Jeff Jones Square. Photo of Jeff Jones Square.

2017 Solar Roadways was featured in National Geographic’s Chasing Genius Series with A Smarter Path short documentary.
Read the National Geographic article or watch the NG film here:

2017 Voted Most Innovative Local Manufacturer by our own Bonner County, Idaho community.
Best of Bonner County

2017 ColorRoadie: We are so excited to be named a winner in this competition by Colorado Department of Transportation – Road X Bicycle and Pedestrian Challenge:
Read RoadX Winners or
Watch video here

Kids playing at Jeff Jones Square.

2017 Solar Roadways was pleased to be featured at ConExpo 2017 in Las Vegas. We were given a display in The Tech Experience: Infrastructure exhibit and Scott was interviewed by iHeartRADIO. Scott was also honored to speak in the Tech Experience series along with others such as Mike Rowe and astronaut brothers Mark and Scott Kelly. All week, we enjoyed meeting visitors to our display from all over the world.
Read the Boss Magazine article or
Listen to the radio interview

Scott talking at ConExpo. Visitors at ConExpo. Scott & visitor at ConExpo.

2016 Indiegogo filmed Scott and Julie talking to the Indiegogo team in San Francisco.

2015 Scott & Justin attended Maker’s Faire Detroit at the invitation of Innovation Nation and had a display in their booth at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.
Read the Curbed article

The line to talk to Scott Scott, (paper) Mo, and Justin Fans of Solar Roadways

2015 Awarded $750,000 Phase IIB SRIR grant by USDOT.
Read the SBIR Award Listing
USDOT logo


2015 Solar Roadways featured on TV show Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca.

2015 Solar Roadways featured in a short doc produced by Indiegogo, called Solar Roadways InDemand, which was filmed partially in the Buena Park, California neighborhood where Scott and Julie grew up together.

2015 Solar Roadways were mentioned in the online version of President Obama’s State of the Union Address:
Read the CrowdFund Insider article

State of the Union

2014 Scott and Julie were honored to be invited to attend the First White House Maker’s Faire.
Read the Indiegogo blog

Julie & Scott in the Blue Room

2014 Indiegogo chose Solar Roadways to be the featured speaker at their All Hands annual meeting in San Francisco.

The Indiegogo Team

2014 During our Indiegogo Campaign we were honored to be supported by so many celebrities. Julian Lennon was the first to offer support and it went from there. So grateful!
You can see them here:
Celebrity support!

Awesome video of actor Nathan Fillion talking about Solar Roadways:

2014 Solar Freakin’ Roadways, a video created for us by volunteer genius Michael Naphan went viral. As of this writing, it has had over 22 million views. It’s become so famous that people now write to us asking for a Solar Freakin’ Driveway!

2014 Solar Roadways raised over $2.2 million on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Solar Roadways broke the records for having the most donors, over 48,000 from 165 different countries. We were invited to continue on Indiegogo with an InDemand campaign, and perks are still available there. We have now raised over $2,282,000 from well over 50,000 donors. Those donations help keep us moving forward and we are so grateful.
Solar Roadways on Indiegogo
Yahoo! News


2014 Popular Science: One of 7 “Best of What’s New” Engineering category in the “100 Greatest Innovations of the Year-2014”.
Popular Science

Popular Science

2013 We were honored to have U.S. Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) film this endorsement video for us:

2013 World Technology Award Finalist.
Read the World Technology Network article

2013 Scott was Keynote Speaker at International Parking Institute’s Annual Conference – “The Sunny Side of Parking”.
Read the IPI Insider article
Read the Solar Roadways and Parking Lots article

Scott giving talk to IPIA

2013 Solar Roadways was featured in a GE Focus Forward short documentary directed by Michèle Ohayon. Cinematography by Theo van de Sande. This film is often shown before major movies in theaters across the nation.

Focus Forward on Amazon

GE Focus Forward crew

2013 Scott’s Solve for X Talk Google Headquarters, New York City.
Read the Google Blog

Scott's Solve for X talk Scott & Julie in NYC

2013 Chosen as one of Google’s Moonshots.
Read the Business Insider article

Moonshot participants

2012 We traveled to Kentucky, where Scott was happy to speak twice at the Festival of Faiths and also at the Rotary Club.
Read the Center for Interfaith Relations article

Scott's Festival of Faiths talk Scott's Rotary talk'

2011 General Electric Ecomagination Powering the Home Challenge Winner- Solar Roadways won the Community Award for the second time. This time there was no financial award attached with the win.
Read the Fast Company article


2011 Awarded $750,000 Phase II SRIR grant by USDOT.
USDOT Volpe Center
Read here about the SBIR award
Wall Street Journal
Read here about our research
USDOT logo

2011 Solar Roadways appears in the full-length documentary YERT about a 3-person team who traveled to all 50 states in search of solutions to Global Warming. Our section was filmed in 2007, when SR was still in concept phase. This film has won multiple awards.
YERT on Amazon

Scott YERT

2010 General Electric Ecomagination Powering the Grid Challenge Winner- Community Award (most popular votes out of over 3800 challenge entries). We were flown to New York along with other winners to attend the award ceremony and were awarded $50,000.
Read AutoBlog
Read Wired
Read GreenBiz
Read TechCrunch


2010 TEDX Talk Sacramento, California. Scott was honored to accept an invitation to deliver his TED talk. He received a standing ovation and we enjoyed talking to audience members afterward.

2010 EE Times ACE Awards Finalist in the Category “Most Promising Renewable Energy”.
Read the AutoBlog article


2010 YERT created a short documentary featuring the very first Solar Roadways prototype.

2009 EE Times ACE Awards Finalist in the Category “Best Enabler Award for Green Engineering”.
Read the EE Times article


2009 Awarded $100,000 Phase I SRIR grant by USDOT.
EE Times
USDOT logo

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