LED Lights

How many LED lights are in each SRP?

280 multi-colored LEDs (with the option for 56 more). The solar cells take up quite a bit of “real estate” within the panel. We plan to also make some “advertising panels” without solar cells and with many more LED lights for applications that call for higher definition. 

How well can you see the LED lights in the daytime?

SRPs use high-intensity LEDs designed for outdoor billboards. Each Solar Road Panel has a light sensor that allows the onboard microprocessor to adjust the intensity of the LEDs to match the ambient light conditions. They can be manually adjusted as well if one so chooses. They are easy to see in the daytime, although nighttime is when they offer the most difference.

How well can you see the LED lights at night?

The LED lights make nighttime driving a breeze as they are so easy to see. The comparison to painted lines is astounding. This is perfect since nighttime is when most people have trouble seeing the painted lines. We meet many people who have poor night vision, and others who complain that they can’t see the painted lines at dusk or when there is glare from rain. All of these problems are solved with SR.

What can the LED lights in SRPs do for parking lots?

Our research indicates that most parking lots need to be restriped every 1 to 2 years. This expense is eliminated with SRPs. The LED lights are the main way that the intelligence of the SR panels can be expressed. The parking lot lines can be changed at the touch of a button. Business Owners will be able to create smaller spaces for motorcycles, larger spaces for trucks and RVs as needed. It will be easy to create many parking line configurations for different times and needs, i.e. perhaps spaces can be more generous at times of low customer presence. Parking lots will no longer need a predetermined number of handicapped or accessible spaces. Instead these spaces can be created on the fly either manually or automatically. Business Owners will be able to offer reserved specialty parking for other types of Customers at times and in ways that meet their needs. For example, some may want to offer priority parking for veterans, families with small children, or expectant mothers. For employees, an employee of the month might receive a special parking space. All of these are great ways to meet the needs of individual customers and make sure they feel that the business cares about their needs. Businesses will be able to provide a festive holiday environment for their customers at no additional cost for Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, Easter, 4th of July and every national holiday and local celebration. Some Business Owners may want to showcase colors of nearby professional or college sports teams. Business Owners will be able to use SR panels to display their own logos or advertise their specials, hours or events. Some may appreciate being able to offset the cost of their lot by allowing advertising. Environmentally conscious businesses spend money to “green their image” and make it clear that they care about the environment. What better way than a solar parking lot that cannot possibly be missed - many customers will be pleased to know that they are supporting a business who uses renewable energy. 

What can the LED lights do for Homeowners?

There are so many ways for Homeowners to use the LED lights on driveways, patios, walkways and pool surrounds. We have been amazed at the enthusiasm Homeowners have shown for the holiday decorating feature that comes alive via the SRP’s LED lights. Customers will receive easy to use software to create their own images or can use those provided by SR. Tops of driveways can easily double as a sports court. Basketball, four square, hopscotch, mazes….whatever the family likes can be created at the touch of a button. Fun and educational games too. And every application can double as a dance floor. Recently, we posted a question on Facebook, asking how Homeowners would like to use the LED lights. The results were very interesting: Safety was a huge concern and many loved the idea of having 911 flash on their driveway after calling for emergency help. The numbers could expedite help by making it easy for an ambulance or fire truck to find the right house. If a prowler is suspected, homeowners could turn on All White, as bright as they go! For kids, the idea of programmable race tracks for bikes was very popular. One idea that surprised us was how many people wished for a clock on their driveway! Some said they would like it to count down to zero so kids would know when to come inside. All of these things and so much more will enhance the lifestyle of homeowners everywhere. 

How can the LED lights be utilized for roads?

Normal lines and signage can be created by the LEDs lights. But the lights will be dynamic, not fixed as with paint. This opens up a whole new world of options. EMS workers will be able to quickly change the lines and signage when there is an accident. They can warn drivers of the problem without putting out cones or flares. They can create detours as needed. If a police car, ambulance or fire truck has it’s siren going, the sides of the road might flash or display a certain color to alert drivers. States or cities will have the opportunity to create new regulations to utilize the many new color options and pair them with appropriate meanings. Perhaps a certain color will indicate an emergency and alert drivers to turn on their radios to learn more. Eventually, the road will be able to alert drivers to empty parking spaces and guide cars to their destinations. The options are limited only by our imaginations. 

Won’t the LED lights cause light pollution?

To the contrary, we believe SRPs can help with light pollution as compared to overhead lights. Being under our feet, they are not between our eyes and the sky like overhead lights. The LEDs are adjustable and parking lot owners may find that they can be bright enough that they can eliminate overhead lights all together. We share the concern about light pollution and are really hoping SR can be of help.