How much funding have you received for date?

$1.6 million in USDOT contracts and over $2.2 million in donations.

What was it like having a successful Indiegogo Campaign?

It was overwhelming, exhausting and amazing! The funds that people so graciously donated have meant the world to us and helped us on our way. Moreover, the fact that we broke the record on Indiegogo for the most donors (over 50,000 now) from 165 countries, made us realize that the world is ready for Solar Roadways.

Are you still active on Indiegogo?

Yes, successfully campaigners who have a successful campaign and a need for ongoing funding are invited to continue within Indiegogo’s InDemand program. Many of our perks are still available and all funds go to help move us forward more quickly. Buttons that take you to the SR Indiegogo page are available on every webpage. 

Do you sell promotional products anywhere else?

Yes, right here on our website on the SR Gear page. Indiegogo does not let us ask for sizes for t shirts so we make shirts available on our own website. Buttons for the SR Gear page are available on every webpage. Promotional items are all designed to help supporters with one of the things they love to do: Spread the word about Solar Roadways. This helps us tremendously as we work to move toward the tipping point where Solar Roadways is ubiquitous. 

Do you accept donations?

Very gratefully, yes. There is a donation page on our website and buttons for it on every webpage. Thank you to all of you who help us make the world a greener and safer place for all of us.