​Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

How can Solar Roadways help with the transition to Electric Vehicles?

The major drawback to EVs currently is range anxiety. Currently, we at Solar Roadways are in collaboration with a group making dynamic chargers for EVs and working together to see if they can be fitted into our panels. With sufficient infrastructure in place, some of the panels in a roadway could be dynamic charging panels, so that EVs could charge as they drive. No more worries about finding plug in charger. The icing on the cake is that rather than charging on fossil fuels as is often the case today, EVs would be charging on clean sunshine. If SR technology increases the speed of the transition to EVs it will also provide further help to mitigate Climate Change.

Can Solar Roadways help driverless vehicles like the Google car?

SR was honored to be chosen as one of Google’s Moonshots, to be invited to speak at Google Headquarters in NYC and to go for a ride in a Google car at their headquarters in California. In talking with their engineers, we learned that SR could help make autonomous become safer. Once production is completely dialed in, we plan to turn our attention to dynamic EV charging and Autonomous Vehicles at our R & D Headquarters in Sandpoint, Idaho. We are happy that auto manufacturers are reaching out to collaborate.