FAQ Applications


Why are you not working on roads now?

We have always planned that roads will be our very last application. We believe that is the smartest way to proceed. We wanted to wait until we completed our USDOT testing. That has been completed now and we have gotten the first of our “real world testing” at our pilot site in Sandpoint, Idaho. But that is only for pedestrians and we want to get real world testing on surfaces for slower moving traffic next. First, we want to work on things like parking lots, driveways, sidewalks etc. When we feel ready, we’ll start with residential roads and then probably crosswalks, as there are so many safety features that we can offer for pedestrians. We’ll then install city roads and finally get to highways.

What applications are there for Homeowners?

Homeowners have the options of using Solar Road Panels to create Driveways, Walkways, Courtyards, Patios, and Pool Surrounds. Homeowners can assess which areas of their property receive the most sun and where the panels would bring the most value to them. Northerners will appreciate the heating elements which can eliminate the need for plowing and shoveling. Tops of driveways which often have a basketball hoop can be perfect for sports courts. The LED lights can create the court for basketball and other sports. The touch of a button can bring up two square, four square, hopscotch, bike tracks etc. Patios will be terrific for entertaining and can of course also double as a dance floor with changing light patterns in whatever color is desired. 

Do you have applications for helicopters and airplanes?

We believe that airports and helipads will be among the most important applications for Solar Road Panels. We have heard from many airports both large and small and we hear from pilots telling us that they need our signage both from the air and on the ground. Of course, the heating elements will help prevent flight delays and cancellations. We would like to have one airport become the model to begin showcasing what SR can do for airports. Similarly, heliports at hospitals, military bases and other places can benefit from the heating elements and LED options.