Want to be a Customer?

Thank you so much for your interest in our panels. They can be installed in a diverse selection of applications for homeowners and business owners.

For Homeowners:
Driveways, walkways, patios, sports courts, pool surrounds, and courtyards – Each application will enhance the aesthetics of your home, provide a wonderful ambiance for entertaining, and can double as a dance floor! Most importantly, SR panels will provide your home with clean energy.

For Business Owners and Municipalities:
Parking lots, sidewalks, roads, highways, helipads, and airport tarmacs – All such applications will provide customized line markings. SR allows people to utilize signage on their panels to help better meet the needs of customers, while showing them how much you care about the environment. The clean energy generated can be used to power buildings as well as charge Electric Vehicles. Customers will be happy to know they are charging their EV with clean energy from the sun rather that dirty fossil fuels!

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