Data Collection Sites

Data Collection Sites:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Data Collection Site for Solar Roadways. Currently, we have our first site in north Idaho and two more sites in Arizona. One of the Arizona sites is at Biosphere2, and the other is at the Westward Look Hotel in Tucson. We receive data from them daily, which compliments the data we generate at our home base here in north Idaho. We are comparing two panels; one flat and one angled correctly for that latitude. The data helps us determine the amount of energy we can expect to generate at a given latitude.

Data Collection Sites must be public properties and preferably high profile. We are sending one SR3 panel to each of the Data Collection Sites as a thank you for the help, and so that people in that area have a place to go to view one of the panels. If you are interested in working with us to collect data, please send us an email. If your location is at a latitude where we need to collect data, we’ll send you our spec sheet, so you can assess the opportunity.