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This video, Solar Freakin Roadways, was created in 2014 by a wonderful volunteer. It’s had over 22 million views! The images are now out of date and it doesn’t mention things like how Solar Roadways can provide a convenient delivery system for dynamic charging of Electric Vehicles AND provide more safety for Autonomous Vehicles – but otherwise, it’s still an awesome introduction!


In January 2022, Solar Roadways received both FCC (US) and ISED (Canada) approval!

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in the US. The ISED does the same in Canada.

Our Solar Road Panels have small internal radios. That’s how they “talk” wirelessly.

This is one of the things paid for by the funds we raised on StartEngine. Our campaign is closed but you can still get on the Waitlist here.

We are working toward getting UL approval as well and designing SR5.

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Flat place to walk and drive
Provides parking
Provides traction
Doesn't soften at high temperatures
Generates energy
LED lights for lines and signage
Remains snow/ice free
Impervious to potholes
Can protect animals
Modular for faster maintenance
Requires no paint
Facilitates energy independence
Can charge EVs with clean energy
Water can be stored, treated or moved
Provides a "home" for cables, wires
Can provide emergency warning system
Expandable Technology Package

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We love solar, but our development has a deed restriction prohibiting solar panels on roofs. We can’t wait to do a solar driveway instead and help the planet while saving us money!
We are so excited to run our home on a driveway that will light the way to family game night and save the planet! We cannot even imagine the joy our Christmas decorations will bring.
Roads cover a big chunk of the land on Earth. Generating power from them is ingenious! Look forward to Solar Roadways’ production for commercial use.
Solar power has intrigued me since I was a kid when I helped my baby sister race a mini solar powered car. The fact that we have energy being wasted on asphalt and concrete hurts the “efficient-side” of my mind and I wonder just how much the world could change with this amazing technology!
Will be very beneficial for first responders. Help to redirect traffic or even alert drivers that we are coming out of the station, not to mention not worrying about when the plow guy will come.
The idea of protecting the earth by using solar power instead of coal and fossil fuels is something I have wanted to do for some time. I was researching solar panels for my roof and found Solar Roadways. I immediately thought of their technology for my driveway. A perfect solution for the needs of my house and the neighborhood. I am very excited for the prospect of having Solar Roadways develop a plan and implement their technology to help me reduce my carbon footprint.
This is a great opportunity for each parking lot, side walk, or playground to make the buildings they are next to a source of clean energy. An amazing invention to set the future of the world on a path to such great eco-friendly promise.
We at the self-build in St. Werburghs Bristol UK would love to improve our community further by installing Solar Roadways to our cul-de-sac so the kids can play in a safer environment and we can generate power. At the same time, we can show how we all can do small things that make a big difference whilst at the same time we can save money! Win Win.
Excited about having a negative carbon footprint!

It’s time for every citizen to be accountable and be responsible to save the environment. (Actions speak Louder than words!!)

Solar panels that allow people to walk on are a perfect fit for our Marina Pod solutions. We are eagerly waiting for the first available solutions.

The panels will generate power to light the accessible parking area and pathways of our Nature Center. The ability to have blue lights in the panel will enable us to identify these spaces for our users who need fully accessible parking, improving safety and efficiency!

Exciting product which we hope can become the standard everywhere and save energy!
I have been following your progress for a while now, ever since I was shown your viral video. This may be one of the best ideas to take better advantage of the wasted space on our roadways, not to mention reduce wasted spending and resources on road salt that hurts the environment, time spent putting up unnecessary power poles and hiding utilities in the road and away from animals and the elements, and reduce or eliminate construction zones and protect lengths. In Wisconsin we joke that we have two seasons: Winter and Construction. How nice would it be to return to our regular 4 seasons and get rid of construction season.
Your viral video showed all the fancastic applications and improvements your product would make, and I got excited about every one of them. In my personal and family quest to take our house off the grid, either through solar shingles, house batteries, and electric vehicles, I think a Solar Freakin’ Driveway would be a great addition that would add value and be fun to have, all while reducing our carbon footprint. Thank you!
Given the steep incline of our Homeowners Associating roads, we have not been able to get year-round access to all lots due to snow removal issues. We are looking forward to bringing Solar Roadways to our HOA and our member’s driveways.
I think solar roads would greatly offset the much-needed supply gap in Nigeria.
I believe your solar roads will help add to what my business is trying to achieve as well! We believe that there are better ways to be able to eat healthier, and also to be able to be conscious of the way we get power to be able to help reduce the environmental impact on the earth.
We are always looking for ways to reduce costs in our subdivision and are at the place where the road needs to be replaced soon. This would be an excellent choice for us.
We at Yoga Nature love the idea of welcoming clients to our yoga retreat sanctuary with a softly lit (customizable!) driveway and parking lot and encouraging them to explore the grounds at night without the need for harsh traditional outdoor lighting. Never having to plow and shovel snow again means we can spend more time focusing on our business and clients!
I want to use SR panels on my driveway, which is very steep, and we get a lot of snow. It would make it much easier in the winter if we could melt ice on the driveway with solar panels. I am so excited and think you guys have a brilliant product which is going to help us save the world as well as save me from breaking bones when I slip and slide on my driveway.
As we at Snedicor’s Green Earth Cleaners continue to move our 101-year-old dry cleaning business away from the use of petrochemicals and into eco-friendly cleaning processes, we are excited about the prospect of building eco­friendly, energy-positive parking lots and sidewalks at our new cleaning facility!
Due to the amount of crime that has taken place in our back alleys, we have worked hard with the City of Phoenix in developing a pilot program called Gated Alley Program (GAP). GAP will remove trash service from the alley and move it to the front of the house leaving a big piece of land behind our properties with gates at both access points restricting access to unwanted foot, bike, and vehicle traffic. What better use of this land then to install Solar Roadways® that produces clean energy while providing an aesthetically pleasing surface for neighbors to enjoy! Arizona has plenty of sun to take advantage of and we hope revolutionize the use of alleys across the Country!
Our driveway has a ton of sun, and our electric bills in FL are out of control. We’d love to replace our driveway pavers with something to help us lower those bills AND our carbon footprint.
Solar Roadways brings innovation that is the perfect fit for BlackSheep Development’s sustainability goals for their buildings and village development.
I like Solar Roadways panels because I want to help this planet and reduce waste of energy. I am also intrigued by the idea of being able to plug my electric car into the driveway 🙂
My roof is too weak for solar panels; my driveway needs to be redone and it gets beat up by the sun all day; I have a garden next to my driveway and I don’t like that every time we use a blower or it’s windy, all the asphalt dust flies on my edibles and on my soil; my one year old keeps on trying to eat pieces of asphalt. I want to support Solar Roadways®!
Driveways are large surfaces, which if harnessed by products like Solar Roadways panels could likely produce a considerable amount of a home’s energy needs, while also providing high quality, long lasting surface.
I love the idea of never having to shovel my driveway again and the fact that the panels would power my home
Anything we can do to work with our planet instead of against it… just imagine if we all had solar Roadways! The difference it would make in the health of our planet.
I believe in better ways of doing things. SRPs represent just some of the ways we can do things better. Safer roads while generating more sustainable, cost effective electricity that, I hope will benefit all someday. Keep it up, we are rooting for you. Hopefully Trump and the DOT will start using this to make our roads safer.
We love solar, but our development has a deed restriction prohibiting solar panels on roofs. We can’t wait to do a solar driveway instead and help the planet while saving us money!
Solar Roadways is leading us into the energy future with new solar technology. I am inspired by Solar Roadways commitment to revisioning roads to build a sustainable, and secure energy future.
For greener energy, fun designs for kids, and NEVER SHOVELING SNOW AGAIN!
We were early contributors to Solar Roadways Crowd funding site with a tote bag to prove it! We want to install this product so mo re people will see it and demand it. We want to be one of the agents of change! Decentralize power production – Power to the People!!
Long Iowa winters, restrictive covenants on rooftop solar, a geothermal heat pump and an electric car sitting in the garage with a plenty large driveway with the typical suburban basketball hoop make your Solar Roadways the perfect solution.
We would like to be a renewable energy house. Solar shingles, solar panels and driveway in the near future.
I am very interested in how the Solar Road Panels can be used for lighted walkways and driveways. I think that they can be used in a creative landscaping scheme. I’m also curious about how viable the generation of energy is in the Pacific Northwest considering how often it rains in this part of the country. And I love the creative innovation they represent. Take me into the future!
I so look forward to saving money on electricity AND not having to shovel snow in the winter! Plus, the lighting will make my patio look spectacular. All without putting holes in my roof.
Solar Independence for the future of our planet and survival
Solar Roadways is the most exciting product to fight climate change and save money that I have seen! It’s versatile applications and technological possibilities are truly remarkable and offer an inspiring peak at a possibly bright future!
We want to be as self-sufficient as possible and keep this planet GREEN!
We want to use these panels to lower our bills, get rid of the need for shoveling ever again, add value and fun to our home, and make it possible for us to live without energy bills and to live without using more fossil fuels!
To help power our home and being in Canada having a heated driveway to reduce or get rid of the need to shovel HUGE BONUS!!!
I would like to maximize my solar capacity.
My driveway would be an ideal application and I very much look forward to this technology!
Hoping to help the environment by using alternative to fossil fuels.