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This video, Solar Freakin Roadways, was created in 2014 by a wonderful volunteer. It’s had over 22 million views! The images are now out of date and it doesn’t mention things like how Solar Roadways can provide a convenient delivery system for dynamic charging of Electric Vehicles AND provide more safety for Autonomous Vehicles – but otherwise, it’s still an awesome introduction!


In January 2022, Solar Roadways received both FCC (US) and ISED (Canada) approval!

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in the US. The ISED does the same in Canada.

Our Solar Road Panels have small internal radios. That’s how they “talk” wirelessly.

This is one of the things paid for by the funds we raised on StartEngine. Our campaign is closed but you can still get on the Waitlist here.

We are working toward getting UL approval as well and designing SR5.

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Flat place to walk and drive
Provides parking
Provides traction
Doesn't soften at high temperatures
Generates energy
LED lights for lines and signage
Remains snow/ice free
Impervious to potholes
Can protect animals
Modular for faster maintenance
Requires no paint
Facilitates energy independence
Can charge EVs with clean energy
Water can be stored, treated or moved
Provides a "home" for cables, wires
Can provide emergency warning system
Expandable Technology Package

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