Potential Customers

Jeff Jones Square in Sandpoint, Idaho is the home of our first pilot project. This is a downtown plaza with a large parking lot for visitors and a Farmer's Market meets right next door. And it's less than a mile from our headquarters, so we have easy access to monitor and service it. This has given us invaluable “real world testing” and we are already taking those lessons and are in the process of creating our next model – SR4. It’s a joy to watch people enjoying the panels at the square. So many people have traveled to Sandpoint to see the panels and meet with us, and we are so happy to have so much hometown support!

Jeff Jones Square in Sandpoint, Idaho

Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland will receive the next pilot project. We wanted to wait and install SR4 panels there and they graciously agreed to wait until they are produced. We installed a temporary SR3 display inside their Visitor’s Center at the Inner Harbor in December, 2017:

Baltimore's Inner Harbor Visitor's Center

Watch our social media for updates.

Baltimore's Inner Harbor

It’s a pleasure and an honor to receive Letters of Interest from potential customers from all over the world.

We wish that we could begin immediately to fulfil orders. However, we have had to decide on a plan to move forward in an organized way that we believe will please customers the most in the long term.

We hope to be in production in 2018 with help from our first manufacturing partners in Ohio who are now under contract. If you are in Ohio or surrounding states and want to reach out to them directly: jeff@solarroadwaysdayton.com

Solar Roadways Dayton

We are hoping to soon have manufacturing partners all around the world. We are in talks with folks in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australia. If you would are interested in becoming a manufacturing partner: ManufacturingPartners@SolarRoadways.com.

As we have always planned, roads will be our last application.

First applications will be:

• Driveways
• Patios
• Walkways/ Garden Paths
• Pool Surrounds
• Sport Courts

Business Owners and Cities
• Parking Lots
• Sidewalks
• Plazas
• Playgrounds
• Bike Paths

If you would like to be in our Notification List and be personally notified about panel availability: Customers@SolarRoadways.com


We love to hear from cities who are interested in being among the first to be part of the “going green movement”. If that is the goal, Solar Roadways® can help bring in renewable energy and modernize infrastructure simultaneously. Government buildings seem like a great place to showcase and test the technology: City Halls, Police, Fire Stations, Post Offices and Parks. Hospital helipads, airports, and schools could all benefit from the safety features SR brings. Once successfully tested in non-critical applications, SR panels will be ready for roads; residential roads at first building up to highways as the final goal. Cities will appreciate the elimination of the need for plowing and the convenience and safety that will bring to citizens. LED light colors can be selected to match city flags and the colors of events. Most of all the lights will make roads safer and increase traffic management options, which in turn will improve the quality of life for residents.


It’s been a happy surprise to learn how many homeowners love the idea of using SR panels for driveways, walkways, patios, sport courts, and pool surrounds. Homeowners know that any of these can become an instant dance floor too! The design changes made between SR2 and SR3 were made partially in preparation for offering panels to homeowners. We found ways to make them easier to install and more affordable. We are currently exploring options to make panels available in mass quantities (and with the lower price that will coincide). We know homeowners are anxious to give up shoveling and plowing; they are ready to enjoy the renewable energy and the entertainment value that SR panels have to offer.


Private enterprises such as restaurants, stores and hotels will appreciate the increased customers, customizable parking lots, and the beauty of glass paneled parking lots lit in virtually any color combination. Customers can’t help but notice the company’s commitment to environmental protection. Some businesses may want to use extra energy to charge electric vehicles in their parking lots. Business owners can have multiple parking lot configurations which can be interchanged at the touch of a button. Perhaps they want parking spaces of different sizes: smallest spaces for motorcycles, largest for RV’s and trucks and midsized spaces for cars. That is easily accomplished. Handicapped spaces can be created as needed, rather than dedicated with paint. Many businesses may want to make other guests feel special with parking spaces just for them: speakers, veterans, parents with babies, VIP guests, or EV owners. Spaces can be marked accordingly and changed at any time. The flexibility, the aesthetic benefits and the energy generation all combine in one product.