The Donor

The One who feels drawn to want to help make sure the SR vision for tomorrow materializes. Each may have their own favorite aspect of the new reality they help create: a world whose climate stops changing, a world without snow shoveling, a world with awesome, modern infrastructure, and yes, a world that looks like Tron! Whatever the motivations, we are proud and honored to have your help.

The Customer

The One who can't wait to have an SR driveway, parking lot, patio or dance floor! The early adopters will be the first in their country, then state, city, and neighborhood; they can show others the possibilities that come with SR innovation. Solar Roadways is honored to have a long list of potential customers before getting to mass manufacturing. We know, we are hurrying......

The Media

The One who proclaims the news about new innovation so that others will know there is a new option in town. SR needs to reach a tipping point in public awareness if we are to implement on a large enough scale to quickly make the difference we want to see in the world. Thanks to those from magazines, newspapers, blogs, television, radio and film - you all make a difference.

The Distributor

When we are ready, the SR Distributor will be the One who gets the panel to the customer... everywhere, and perhaps installs it too. This network will meet the needs of the people and minimize the wait. If we choose this model, we will train and certify official Solar Roadways® distributors.

The Student

Students are freakin’ awesome! The student is the One learning to think about the world in a new way. Students are excited to change the world and have no problem pushing the limits. We love to help students and hear about their projects, whether a 4th grade science project or a dissertation for a PhD!

The Employee

The One who says to herself, "I love this Solar Freakin’ Roadways thing so much that helping to make it happen is what I want to do with my life!" They are IN and often tell us in no uncertain terms that they really must be a part of this. Can't wait to add lots more of you to the team!

The Intern

The One who is excited about this new emerging technology and wants to make learning about it a part of his education. We don't have internships yet, but we are considering developing a program. Interns will be an important part of the team, learning about our technology and offering a new perspective.